Spanish 302 Advanced

Advanced Spanish 302


Advanced Spanish

Winter Term: 11 weeks from 19 January

Thursdays: 7.00pm-9.00pm

Course Fee:  £165 for 1 term (11 weeks) or £250 for both Winter & Spring terms – (20 weeks)

Tutor:  Sofia Holder, PCET



Programme Outline

This eleven-week Advanced Spanish course is designed to build on the intermediate class, enabling students to advance their reading, writing and go beyond a basic conversation in Spanish.

New students who have studied, at least 2 years of Spanish, or equivalent, are welcome.

Discussion/conversation on various topics will enable students to gain a feel of the living language, as well as broaden their general knowledge about Spanish countries, their culture and people.

(Maximum 12 students to a class)

Winter Term: 11 weeks from 19 Januaryimages-7

Thursdays: 7.00pm-9.00pm

Course Fee: £165 for 1 term (11 weeks) or £250 for both Winter & Spring terms – (20 weeks)

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