British Christianity

early-churchChristianity in the British Isles before 1066

Thursdays:  7.00pm – 9.00pm  from January 19th

Tutor:  Paul Ellis, PGCHS, QTLS

Course Fee:  £60 (4 Weeks)  


A series of four two hour talks providing a historical overview of the first millennium of Christianity in the British Isles.

The talks will address the legends of Biblical figures visiting Britain, Christianity in Roman and Sub-Roman Britain, the development of Celtic Christianity and its relationship with the Church of Rome, and Christianity in the Viking age.

The course is suearly-church-2itable for people wishing to gain an introduction to British church history and does not assume any detailed historical knowledge of the periods addressed.

Paul Ellis, barrister, PGCHS, QTLS is a secondary school teacher.


Course Details

Thursday January 19th  – ‘And did those feet…?’ and the Romano-British Church

  • Legends of Jesus and Joseph of Arimathaea visit Glastonbury
  • Early mythical British Christians (Aristobulus and King Lucius)
  • Roman Britain before Constantine: The first British martyr (St Alban)
  • British delegates at Church councils
  • St Ninian’s mission to the Picts
  • Archaeology: Silchester ‘Roman Church’, the Water Newton Hoard, the Bath curse tablet, Hinton St Mary Christ and Frampton mosaics

Thursday January 26th  – The Celtic Church

  • Pellagius and the Pellagian ‘Heresy’
  • Elements of Celtic Christianity
  • St Declan, St Patrick & St Brigit
  • Adventus Saxonum: The legend of King Arthur
  • The Celtic and sub-Roman Church St David
  • St Colomba and Iona

Thursday February 2nd – The Road to Whitby

  • St Augustine’s mission: Raedwald’s spoons
  • The Northumbrian dynastic dispute
  • Lindisfarne: St Aiden, St Cuthbert and St Guthlac
  • The Lindisfarne Gospels and the Book of Kells
  • St Hilda
  • Synod of Whitby (Dating Easter)

Thursday February 9th  – British Christianity in the Viking Age

  • Viking raids, the Great Heathen Army and the Peace of Wedmore
  • The founding of Normandy
  • Viking Christianity: Christ and other pagan gods.
  • The Danelaw: Prinsigning
  • Sweyne Forkbeard’s fostering of British Christianity in Scandinavia
  • Ireland and Alba
  • Edward the Confessor and the building of Westminster Abbey
  • Pilgrimage sites: Walsingham, Winefride’s Well.

THURSDAYS:  7.00pm – 9.00pm   from 19th January

Course Fee:  £60 (for 4 Weeks)

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