Events schedule

Spring & Summer 2018

Dr Elaine Arnold

Dr Elaine Arnold

Tuesday 8 May: 1930 – 2100h:
Virtus Lecture by Dr Elaine Arnold, Relationships and Families: Supporting the emotional well-being of those who have experienced broken attachments, separation and loss, open event, £10 (salaried) £5 (unsalaried); please book on the Eventbrite link.



Saturday 19 May: 1400-1700hLondon Spring: where people can come together Storytelling 3
by Oluwafemi Hughes, facilitation by members of Deep Democracy Forum; Singing About Troubled Waters (1952-62) open event, £10 (salaried) £5 (unsalaried) or donation; please book on the Eventbrite link.



Event in the planning, …… Tuesday ??  1900h -2100h
Virtus Experimental Workshop facilitated by Paola Esperson, Musical Awareness in a Divided World, open event, £10 (salaried) £5 (unsalaried) or donation; please book on the Eventbrite link when available.

Saturday 23 June: 1400-1700h
Storytelling 4 by Oluwafemi Hughes, facilitation by members of Deep Democracy Forum. Prayer in the Dark- In nomine Patris, open event, £10 (salaried) £5 (unsalaried) or donation.

Saturday 7 July 2018 1430h
St Bede Lecture   Dom Gergely Bakos will speak on:
From Philosophical Contemplation
Towards Fruitful Participation in the Mystery of Christ

Monday 2 July to Friday 24 August
Summer school: Liturgy, Latin, Syriac 

Dr. Laurie Lippin, author of Understanding Whiteness/Unraveling Racism: Intersectionality

Dr. Laurie Lippin, Understanding Whiteness/Unraveling Racism

Saturday 14 July: 1000-1600h
Power & privilege day, White supremacy in a multicoloured world with Dr Laurie Lippin; sponsored by Faiza Khokhar, Angelina Benett, James Leachman (Room 3.28 WAC Centre, 213 Haverstock Hill, London, NW3 4QP) open event, £20

Saturday 21 July: 1400-1700h
Storytelling 5 by Oluwafemi Hughes, facilitation by members of Deep Democracy Forum. Starless and Bible Black open event, donation:

Autumn 2018

Saturday 1 September: 1400-1700h
Storytelling 6 by Oluwafemi Hughes, facilitation by members of Deep Democracy Forum. Re-entry: My Spotless White Apron. (1963)
open event, donation

Fr Hans Zollner S.J.

Fr Hans Zollner S.J.

Friday 19 and Saturday 20 October 2018
Growing together and respecting difference (oppressive behaviour in the Catholic Church), principal guest Fr Hans Zollner S.J. in the Benedictine Institute, closed school event.

Sunday 21 October 2018
A Space for Everyone at the Table: Healing History, major speaker, Father Hans Zollner S.J., A National One Day Conference in The Cloisters Hall, St Benedict’s School. open event £60. facilitated by Milan Bijelič and Lea Misan.

Gary Reiss

Dr Gary Reiss

Friday 26 to Sunday 28 October 2018
Healing History Workshop facilitated by Gary Reiss PhD (Process Work Institute, Portland, OR.) and organised in collaboration with the charity “Act for Change.” open event £200

Saturday 10 November: 1400-1700h
Storytelling 7 by Oluwafemi Hughes, facilitation by members of Deep Democracy Forum. Revival and Grandmothers – A Divine Intervention (2016) open event, donation

Saturday 24 November: 1400-1700h
Storytelling 8 by Oluwafemi Hughes, facilitation by members of Deep Democracy Forum. Reflections; Ghosts of History and Restoration (2017) open event, donation

2019 schedule

Wednesday 9 – Thursday 10 January
Generative Communities Colloquium IX: Atchison Conversation 5,
Engendering conversation Atchison, Kansas, closed school event organised by Institutum Liturgicum. “Respecting the differentiated voices in conversation within myself, a community and in relation to the world engenders conversation which in turn engenders common life.”

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Restorative Circle
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Virtus lectures: are regular Public Lectures designed to pique our interest around diversity issues.

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