London Spring and Community of Practice Ealing are activities under the umbrella of Benedictine Institute at Ealing Abbey.


London Spring offers low-cost counselling both online and face to face.

Community of Practice Ealing offers a lively space, with trained facilitators, especially for Catholics who suffer the legacy of Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church.
Our costs are not high but we do need to pay the trained Facilitators for the time they give.
Community of Practice, Ealing has costs of around £400 per month

Benefactors are an essential support of our community life and work together in order for us to reach out and support survivors who have contacted us.

Please do consider giving generously. If 20 people gave £20 per month we could balance our books to the end of 2020.

We value your contribution and we want to share the wealth of our lives together with you and with others. 

Benefactors give and receive

“Be generous and give”. The community participants are well aware that they are living an ancient tradition of inestimable value called “sharing and working together”
We want to share the living tradition with as many others as possible. Our valued Benefactors can help us do this.

PLANNED GIVING through our development office

ONLINE PURCHASING through easyfundraising

REGULAR DONATIONS to our outreach through Community of Practice, Ealing

At the moment we work out of the St Benedict’s Abbey Trust Office

One paid member of staff works in the  Trust Office.
Most development work is done by volunteer staff.
Our volunteer staff help our donors and other supporters to be in touch with us

Direct Fundraising

  • Ealing Abbey’s unique easyfundraising URL is:
    Supporters, please use this link to register and support by donation when you shop online.
  • To raise funds for Ealing Abbey Development through your own personal shopping, just log in before you start shopping.


We would like our readers, supporters, friends and oblates to share ideas, hopes and plans that you have for Ealing Abbey. We would be especially grateful for positive suggestions concerning the growth in sanctity and numbers of the monastic community.

We shall plan special events for our members, benefactors and volunteer helpers

We welcome you to contact us    James Leachman

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