Biblical Hebrew 203

Biblical Hebrew

Intermediate Level

Spring Term: 8 weeks from 13 January

Wednesdays: 10:30am-12:30pm

Tutor: Rabbi Rachel Montagu, MA

Fee: £88


Programme Outline:

This Biblical Hebrew course continues on from September at an intermediate level, requiring any new students who would like to join, to have completed at least a beginner’s course or equivalent.

Using simple grammatical structures, students will continue to build up their vocabulary in Biblical Hebrew. Some exercises are in the form of traditional stories which, because they are repetitive, are excellent for reinforcing new vocabulary.

The course textbook is:  The First Hebrew Primer Third Edition, The Adult Beginners Path to Biblical Hebrew’ by Simon, Resnikoff & Motzkin.

WEDNESDAYS: 8 weeks from 20 April

Course Fee:  £88

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