Ee Ling: an adapted form of Qi Zhong

Ee Ling moves on the lawn

Ee Ling moves on the lawn

Ancient & meditative

Ee Ling is an adaptation of Qi Zhong (Qi Gong) and we practise every Saturday from 1030h to 1130h on the lawn of 74 Castlebar Road W5 2DD

Five of us enjoyed our first movement session on Saturday 27 August and we decided that we’d like to continue every week if possible.

Ee Ling

dragon carved in woodWhat we practise is not Tai Chi. Perhaps it’s more like Chi Kung (Qi Zhong or Qi Gong).

It seems that these ancient traditions come from the Shaolin monastery in Chins from around 495AD, (remember the film, ‘Kill Bill’?)
We want to call it Ee Ling movement class.
Perhaps see you next Saturday at 10.30am!

Benedictine Institute hosts this weekly outdoor Ee Ling in Ealing, West London.

Feel the grass between your toes, the wind between your fingers and allow your mind to unwind as you gently move your body and relax your muscles.
Breathe deeply and find the stillness in movement.
*Classes are subject to the weather.

This weekly Saturday morning exercise group is the perfect way to start your weekend, helping you disengage from your work place and bringing your body and mind into a peaceful, serene space. These simple, meditative and relaxing exercises are easily accessible to all abilities. No previous experience is necessary.

Our exercises are part of a tradition of gentle physical exercise going back thousands of years and has been shown to have numerous benefits, ranging from simple stress release and greater physical flexibility through to profound spiritual insights.

Ee Ling

Ee Ling

Come and explore these wonderful benefits for yourself. Allow yourself time to unwind and focus on yourself before your weekend activities or responsibilities begin. Not only do you deserve it, it could set you on the path to becoming a happier, more productive, energised and peaceful you.



James Leachman 13 September 2016