Fr James Leachman, OSB,

Principal, Institutum Liturgicum



Faculty SectionPhilosophy and Ethics

Dr Gosia Brykczynska, teaches “Introduction to Christian Ethics”

Ann-Marie Ryan, MTh, MBPsS, teaches “Introduction to Philosophy of Religion”


Faculty Section: Theology, Religious Studies and Interfaith

Fr Daniel McCarthy, OSB,

Head of Liturgy, Benedictine Institute
Head of Liturgy, Institutum Liturgicum
teaches, “Introduction to Christian Liturgy”



Fr Ephrem Carr, OSB
teaches, “Origins of Monasticsim”,


Faculty Section: Languages and Humanities

Danni Vowles BA
teaches, “Latin” (Beginners and Intermediate)

Rabbi Rachel Montagu MA
teaches, “Biblical Hebrew” (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced)

Clare Cogswell BSc, coordinator, “Understanding Catholicism”

David Jackson MSC, RSA, CELTA, Cambridge
teaches “English as a Foreign Language”

Barbara Wilmot, BA, Trainer and Business Skills Coach
teaches, “Developing your Interview Skills”

Ann-Marie Ryan MTh, MBPsS
teaches, “Study Skills”

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