Getting there together Step 1


Getting there together

Getting there together Step 1 – a lively community

Part of being Benedictine is that we live in community. Getting together again is going to be an important step in regenerating a lively community.

Four monks are older than 80 and they share with the monastic community the wisdom they have received. Frs Francis, Gregory, Stanislaus and Vincent.

Four monks are aged between 60 and 80 and they are still giving what they best give to others. Frs Dominic, Timothy, Andrew, James,

Four monks are aged between 50 and 60 and they are busy nurturing others in different ways. Abbot Martin and Frs Peter, Alban and Thomas.

Two monks are aged between 40 and 50 and are in the height of their professional work. Fr Alexander and Fr Ambrose

We want to discern the will of God for us as a Benedictine monastic community and carry it out under  God’s direction and with God’s help.

We will travel as slowly as we need in order that all the members of the monastic community may journey together. It’s smarter and safer to travel in groups.

First step:

So the first task to set ourselves is to re-create, re-generate, re-form a healthy monastic community. Getting together again and sticking together is going to be an important step in regenerating a lively community. Every member is to show respect to every other and to appreciate the uniqueness of himself and of all others

The joy will be in the journey together
1 min: 26 secs Youtube: Smart to Travel in Groups

Ealing Abbey,  4 December 2014