Getting there together Step 2

getting there together

getting there together

Getting there together Step 2 – our works
Part of being Benedictine is that we live in community. We want to discern the will of God for us as a Benedictine monastic community and carry it out under God’s direction and with God’s help.

We will travel as slowly as we need in order to journey with all the members of the monastic communityThe joy will be in the journey together. 

We want to make an inventory of all the skills we have and the works we undertake. We also delegate some of our work to volunteer and paid staff and we sponsor other institutions and works.

Our principal work is our public liturgical prayer and we cannot delegate this work.

We wish to invite and inform those who wish to journey and work with us until we arrive at our journey’s end. We shall give and receive in a respectful exchange of talents and gifts. Each has her or his own talents and gifts and all may be presented to be used by God

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