Human Development and Growth in Faith

Human Development and Growth in Faith


MONDAYS:  27 April to 29 June 2015 (not 4 & 25 May)

TutorAnn-Marie Ryan, MTh, MBPsS


This course is open to all and will be of particular interest to those engaged in the various pastoral ministries within established religions or for personal development.  It aims to give an overview of Human Personality Development focusing, in particular, on lifespan theories of Human and Faith Development and at the influence one may have on the other.

  1. Introduction to Human Personality Development and Erikson’s                                                 Lifespan Theory: ‘The Eight Stages of Man’.
  1. The Play Age. Early School Age.
  1. Development of Identity during Adolescence. Young Adulthood.                                                     (Being Married/Being Single).
  1. Middle Age. Old Age.
  1. How Faith Grows: Introduction to James Fowler: Seven Stages                                                          of Faith Development.
  1. Is this Faith? Critique of James Fowler’s Theory and some                                                                    alternative theories.
  1. Adulthood and Learning: Individual Differences in Learning                                                                          and Group Learning—The Learning Cycle.
  1. Adult Learning and Religious Cultures.


MONDAYS: 7.00 -9.00pm   from APRIL 27

Course Fee: £88 (for 8 weeks)

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