Integral humanism: Human strengths

Integral humanism: Human Strengths

human strengths

Integral Humanism 101: human strengths taught by James Leachman

Integral humanism 101: Human strengths is a short introductory course on the work of the late Dr Jeannine Guindon (+2002). Her discipline builds up our human strengths; trust, hope, initiative, competence, overcoming obstacles and love.
Dr Guindon’s discipline helps the practitioner to come to greater awareness of who they are and their purpose in the world. Through the practice of “re-reading” a person discovers and integrates dimensions that are often forgotten or overlooked.                                     

Winter Term: 3 Tuesdays from 31 January

Tuesdays: 14.00 h to 17.00 h

Course Fee: £30 each day

Entry: The foundation for participation in the day is an openness to discuss the significance of human experience

Teaching and Learning Style: The encounters will be experiential, participatory and developmental.

Tutor: James Leachman, OSB & Mee Kuon Cheung

James Leachman


Programme Outline

This course has been developed to introduce students to the teaching and method of Dr Jeannine Guindon, founder of the Institute of Integral Human Formation of Montréal.

Integral humanism: Lectio of  Life

31 January   The Sower and The Good Earth: The life and teaching of Dr Jeannine Guindon. The basic principles of Integral Human Formation. Doing a first practical exercise.

7 February    Beginning to understand ourselves anewThe practice of allowing oneself to be re-read and of re-reading another. A further exercise to grow in competence.

14 February    Living by a vocational identity that comes from the heart: Coming to a deeper awareness and understanding of our autonomous actions & our human strengths in the light of the teaching of psychologists Erik Erikson & Jean Piaget.

3 Tuesdays from 31 January

Tuesdays: 14.00 h to 17.00 h

Full Course Fee: £90

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Integral Human Formation

Fr Joseph Mathias SJ also works in the related field of Integral Human Formation in Pune, India. We find this, “26 June 2014: In a fast changing world, when vocations to priesthood and religious life are … on decline and amidst the criticism that a number of priests and religious are not in sync with the requirements of the community in particular and society in general,  when there is a widespread feeling among many religious and laity that those who have dedicated to the service of Christ and faithful lack empathy with the common people as a result of various factors, the Jesuit priest from Shirva has become a pioneer in Integral Human Formation for Clergy and Religious. It is quite interesting to trace the journey of Fr. Joseph Mathias S.J. from his humble beginning from Shirva to Ranchi and eventually to be the counsellor for priests and religious.”

Four elements characterise our way of approaching the human search for meaning and transcendence: martyria (proclamation, communication – an ability to speak about the content of our experience), koinonia (building of trust and community & the human relationships of everyday life), liturgia (ritual, worship, spiritual practices), diakonia (care, charity directed towards others).

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