Centre for Integral Humanism

Centre for Integral Humanismspiritual-leadership1-e1413438324624-300x137

is a collaboration established between Ealing Abbey and NAOS-Institute in 2014. The agreement began on a formal level when NAOS-Institute assumed a one year lease on the first floor of 3 Montpelier Avenue, a property of Ealing Abbey in March 2014. The lease has been renewed annually.

Centre for Integral Humanism

We are inspired by Pope Francis’ message at the ‘Meeting with the Brasilian Leaders, Rio de Janeiro, 27 July 2013, reported in L’Osservatore Romano, Monday-Tuesday 29-30 July 2013, 4, when he announced that, “authentic culture … promotes an integral humanism and the culture of encounter and relationship (Rejoice!, CTS London 2014, 38).

It is intended that together Ealing Abbey, Benedictine Institute and NAOS shall develop programmes together and in collaboration with other organisations that will enhance adult learning at Ealing Abbey, particularly in the areas of psychology, safeguarding, self-awareness, serving all faith communities and leadership among people.

We have already worked together to offer the one year Diploma in Group Facilitation, Conflict Resolution, Community Building and Leadership Skills from March 2015 to February 2016. This is being offered once more from January to December 2018.

A further adult study programme embraces the Generative Communities Experiences

Centre for Integral Humanism

By serving society and the church we intend to give new expressions to our Benedictine charism and vocation.

By working with experts in secular fields the monks wish to:

explore and recover ancient traditions of monastic life –
assist people of different cultures and faith perspectives –
explore different spiritual traditions –
safely learn from our human experience –
live the eternal values embodied in the lives and communities of our monastic forebears.

Centre for Integral Humanism

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