Understanding Islam 101

Islam 101

Islam 101

Winter Term: 8 weeks from 18 January

Monday: 7.00pm-9.00pm

Tutor: Ms Adlin Adnan, MA

Course Fee: £88


Programme Outline

This eight week course has been developed to offer an insight into the Muslim religion; its history and development; what it means to be Muslim; and the beliefs, rituals and symbols of the religion.

The course is ideal for anyone else wanting to just understand what Islam is all about, in an informal, relaxed environment.

  1. Introduction: Correcting common misconceptions:  Pre-Islamic Arabia and the life of the Muhammad ibn Abdullah, the Last Messenger of Islam.
  1. The House of Islam:  The Essence of Islam, the Canon of Islam and the role of Islam in world history, thought and civilization.
  1. Qur’an, the Word of God; Sunnah and the main sources of Islamic legislation:  How Islamic practices, traditions and law are derived.
  1. The major doctrinal divisions within Islam:  A brief introduction to Sunnism, Shi’ism and Ibadi’ism.
  1. The major ideological divisions within Islam:  What ‘Traditional Islam’, Islamic Modernism and Islamic Fundamentalism are.
  1. Islam: A way of life.  Islamic practices and worship; and the role of culture in the life of Muslims.
  1. Women and Islam.  The place of women and their treatment in patriarchal societies.
  1. Islam in the 21st century and beyond:  Islam, politics and the advent of the ‘Arab Spring’; the fiction of ‘Islamic Extremism’; the impact on Muslims of the war on terror; and the future of Islam in a global society.

Dates: 18 January – 14 March 2016 (not 15 February)

MONDAYS: 7.00pm-9.00pm

Course Fee:  £88  

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