Vocation over a Lifetime

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Over a lifetime

Generative Communities

Fourth Experience:
Vocation over a Lifetime

Our international and interdisciplinary colloquium on Generative Communities has borne fruit in this fourth experience on Vocation over a Lifetime.

We have developed this series of experiences for communities of men and women, religious and secular in order to enhance the experience of those who are “seeking life” at every stage of life.

These facilitated days will each consist of four encounters comprising scripture, presentation, shared response, poetry and group activity.

The  four encounters of each day will be developed from a colloquium to be held 6-7 January 2015, Atchison Kansas, especially the paper on “Participation in a Shared Project”.

Generative Communities

Fourth Experience: Vocation over a Lifetime

Participating communities and organisations: Ealing AbbeyNaos-Institute

The basic outline for this day is as follows.


First Encounter: The human person as the ground of identity, a reflection on scripture and the human person.

Second Encounter: Jeannine Guindon’s experience of the characteristic of the decades of life.

Third Encounter:  The characteristic of the decades of life in the teaching of Jeannine Guindon.

Fourth Encounter: Vocation in community over a lifetime.

Pre-requisites for participation in this day’s four encounters. It is recommended that participants in this fourth experience day will have already attended the first three experiences of the Generative Communities.

If you would like more information on presenting a day or days for your community (religious or secular) please contact: jl AT jamesleachman DOT com

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