Paola Esperson

RSPOPUK (Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology in the UK) linking spirituality, psychology and social action, to take accountability for history and to share a different future. Paola is passionate about finding ways to create awareness about our differences living in a divided, unequal world and encouraging relationships nourished by the impossible beauty of our diversity.

Paola Esperson a Virtus lecture/workshop

“Music Therapy: Bringing People Together” 

TUESDAY 13 November 2018  at 7.00pm.

We shall meet in no 74 Castlebar Road


Virtus lectures pique our learning in vital and risky issues for our society; oppression, bullying, abuse, privilege, rank, altered states. Promoting conversation, dialogue and conflict resolution

Processwork UK

Virtus experimental workshop (lecture)

We are very grateful to Paola Esperson for coming to explore the possibilities that music offers in the facilitation of group dialogue. A brief presentation will be followed by an invitation for audience participation in a group experiential activity.

Entrance £10 for employed, £5 non-salaried, free entrance to unemployed.

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Charity: Act for Change

We offer donations to the charity Act for Change: working with young people.

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Paola is a passionate student and researcher of music, music therapy, psychology, education and integration / inclusion of diversities, to promote peace, Paola is Italian and speak fluently Italian, English and French. She lives in London, and now Oxford, since 2009.

She is a group facilitator, in 2014 she completed the course of “Facilitation for Leaders” organized by CFOR in London. Music therapist, specialized in Assisi at the four-year music therapy training course, she has a Master in Art Therapy, she is a musician, a composer and specialized teacher for children with special needs and sensory disabilities.

Paola has presented her work and studies at various national and international conferences, wrote articles and published in Italian and English the book “Music therapy for integration” (Cajola, Esperson, Rizzo, Franco Angeli 2008, RM).

She applies “beginner’s mind” approach to her life, studies and therapies, to keep alive the wonder and curiosity through the eyes of her inner child.  What brings her joy and motivation is the daily discovery of inner and outer diversities, and this journey of self discovery is what she would like to share with clients.

JL 30 October 2018