New Expressions

Since Summer 2012 we have been considering new expressions of our alreadyimages-1 existing
Benedictine traditions within the area of the monastic enclosure.

Sacred activities (meditation, acts of worship, ritual)
Performative and creative arts (singing, instrumental, pottery, ikons)
Home building (cooking, gardening, hospitality, cleaning)
Mutual care (the young, the old, continuing development)
Community building (participating in meetings and conversations)
Community leadership (spiritual and organisational)
Community expressions (psycho-spiritual counselling, teaching, pastoral care)
Caring for our tradition (research, publishing, library, archives)

These venerable traditions of Benedictine monasticism
can be renewed and shared with the wider community.

Can you help us live new expressions?ImitateFacialExpressions_122712-617x416

By participating in the developments
By learning with us from the tradition
By joining us for a morning or a day
By financially supporting the tradition


Would you like to work with us and explore the traditions of monastic life?
We are considering ways in which we can guide people of different cultures and faith perspectives:
to explore different spiritual traditions –
to safely learn from our human experience –
to live the eternal values embodied in the lives and communities of our monastic forebears.

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