Permanent Board

Established 17 June 2020,
approved by Abbot Dominic Taylor, OSB, MA

Working within the following structure:
Associate Director: Dom Peter Burns, STB, MA (Ealing Abbey)

Permanent Board
Abbot Dominic Taylor, OSB, MA (superior)
Dom Alexander Bevan, MA, prior and bursar

Purpose of the BI Permanent board
To ensure continuity of leadership
To monitor activities, including safeguarding
To encourage new initiatives
To advise the abbot and monastic community

Aims: of BI 
1. To be a bridge of communication between the monastery and the Benedictine tradition on the one hand and the eternal values lived in society by people of faith or no religious faith on the other.
Objectives: of BI
1. To deliver educational and formation courses, events, meetings that communicate Benedictine values: listening (obedience), hospitality (openness), shared journey (‘field effect’, networking), shared worship (marking steps together).
Goals: of BI
1. Develop existing strands of learning in Liturgy Institute, St Bede Library, Ealing Abbey Arts: (ikons, pottery and chant), Centre for Leadership Research and Practice, and London Spring
2. Develop new strands of learning:

BI Mission statement: “To be a bridge between the monastery and the modern world”. Tag line, “Making the World a Better Place”
contact: Clare Cogswell, registrar

created: JL 18 June 2020