Bringing Together Right and Left

Virtus Conversation facilitated by Lea Misan & Mark Hamlin:
Tuesday 11 December 2018  at 7.00pm in no74 Castlebar Road.
We’ll end at 9.00pm

Lea Misan 

“It is so important to create spaces where people who take extreme positions can speak and be heard.”

We are poised, on the edge of a precipice, where the polarisations that divide us are pushing us further and further apart.

Whether we identify as being on the Right, Centre, or Left, we are not communicating between us.

Free Speech is eroded and we somehow feel unsafe to ‘allow’ the other side to express their views. We fear our own views being compromised.

This leads to incitement against one another.

Sometimes bitterness, sometimes hatred risk becoming common currency in the public arena. History repeatedly shows us this leads to violence.

It is time for all of us, whether we be on the right, left or centre, to be on the same pitch: to talk with one another, because the beginning of every process of healing and repair is dialogue. Attentive and open dialogue.

On both right and left, we have internalised and experience this fear. The result is a deep uncertainty about the future.

Those of us on the right might say: order over chaos, organised by identity

Those of us on the left might say: creativity over order, organised by diversity

Whether you are right leaning, concerned by Identity, pro-life, pro-Brexit and whether you are left leaning, pro-choice, pro-EU, against fascism and or anti-racist, we want to hear you.

Deep Democracy Forum (DDF) facilitates community conversations on hot topics to go beyond our conflicts, beyond all the slogans, the “post-truth,” the “fake news” and the “alternative facts”. We create spaces where each of us can be heard, listened to and be respected. We facilitate community conversations and support all the voices in a spirit of openness and listening, to bring out community wisdom.

With this series of facilitated conversations DDF offers, we hope to:

  • be more congruently ourselves
  • shed all or nothing thinking and free ourselves of false binary thinking as if there are only 2 possibilities
  • consider a spectrum of possibilities

How can we make space for people on all sides to express their views, their dreams, their feelings and fears without alienating another side? With your help.

Please join us at 74 Castlebar Road, Benedictine Institute.

DDF offers this facilitated public forum at 74 Castlebar Road, Benedictine Institute.

Processwork UK

Entrance £10 for employed, £5 non-salaried, free entrance to unemployed.

Charity: Act for Change

If you would like to register or be informed of future Virtus lectures and other events, please email us at info AT benedictine-institute DOT org

Donations to the charity Act for Change: working with young people at risk.

JL 10 December 2018