respect for all, trust for more, live for ever

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About these pages. Ealing Abbey community project – Respect for all, trust for more, live forever

In 1902 the monks at Ealing started St Benedict’s School. Their generous gift of enthusiasm and service was rewarded by a steady growth in school numbers, greater financial independence of the monastic community, Ealing priory’s independence from Downside Abbey in 1948, its erection as an Abbey in 1955 by Pope Pius XII and the arrival of a large group of fresh vocations joining the monastery after the Second World War.

The school has continued to prosper and grow until in 2012 the conventual chapter of Ealing Abbey gave St Benedict’s School its own organisation and administrative systems. Since Summer 2012 the monastic community has spent three years in regular meetings and discussion. The monks have decided to continue these discussions for a further year with the intention that they be able to generate new life. This new life and an expression of their life together will give glory to God and serve the human family in concrete ways. Today the monks of Ealing intend to offer a service to the church and world that is an expression of their monastic life together