New developments

Recent developments in the past year have focussed the work of the Benedictine Institute on reaching out to members of different religious groups and others.

Staff and students Summer 2016

We focus on classical and modern languages, monastic studies, liturgy and interfaith. We also offer cultural and environmental events.


We offer Latin throughout the year and an extra focus in the Latin Summer Programme in the month of August.


We offer Syriac in the month of July.

Monastic Studies

We offer Monastic Studies in the month of October.

Other developments


Interreligious dialogue newsletter – news and perspectives for Catholics and their friends

Gardening: Our garden, under the name of “Benedict’s garden” is member 2469 of Capital Growth, a collaboration between gardens and organisations in London that produce food.

Food: We love food and good food. Urban food fortnight 9-25 September 2016