Diploma in Spiritual Theology

victoriaProposed new programme for 2015-16

Graduate Diploma in the area of  Theology

Diploma in Spiritual Theology

120 hours contact time


The monastic community at Ealing Abbey is supporting the Benedictine Study and Arts Centre in developing a Masters level Diploma in Spiritual Theology during the academic year 2013-14.

Monastic Spirituality & Theology

The award would focus on classical Christian spiritual authors and will be both participative and reflective.

The course would offer several modules.

First Part: Introduction 12 credits
Core Module I: Core Module: 
Introduction and description of Spiritual life, its goal and its stages. 3 credits

Core Module II: Mary and her place in our Spiritual life. 3 credits

Core Module III: The Roots of our prayer. Dogma and Prayer life. 3 credits

Core Module IV: How to listen to God daily through the Bible: Lectio divina. 3 credits

Second Part: The Theological Life (General Laws of Spiritual life) 12 credits

Third Part: Practicing the Prayer of the Heart 6 credits

It is hoped that the course will be offered collaboratively for the public in 2015-16.

The course may be completed in twenty days of study or 60 evenings, (120 hours contact time).

This award could be hosted at the Benedictine Study and Arts Centre and in the Maurice Fowler Hall.

Funding and University accreditation will be sought

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