Understanding Spirituality 401


Spirituality 401 taught by Jaap Westerbos

An introduction to module MS 401                                             

Winter Term: 4 Saturdays from 23 January

Saturdays: 9.00am – 1.00pm

Course Fee: £25 each day

Tutor: Jaap Westerbos, BA

Jaap Westerbos MA

tutor Jaap Westerbos


Programme Outline

This course has been developed to offer an insight into:

  • Spirituality and the New Age movement
  • the history and development of Spirituality
  • what it can mean to call yourself a spiritual person today
  • the Beliefs and Practices of New Age.

The course is ideal for anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding what spirituality means  in a world of secularisation and how it possibly has marginalised religion but can lead to a deeper, experiential and personal understanding of religion. Spirituality can for example be seen as a specific expression of being religious but also as a way to experience the overlapping ‘essence’ of all religions.

Spirituality 401

January 23    Spirituality as an individual reaction on loss of connection with organised religion or loss of faith, Spirituality as a way of living

January 30    Spirituality as a modern expression of Perennial Wisdom next to organised religion, being the essence of all religions.

February 6    The roots, development, beliefs and practices of the New Age Movement.

February 20  Spirituality as developmental model to higher levels of individual

SATURDAYS: 9.00am – 1.00pm

Full Course Fee: £100

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