Oluwafemi Hughes

Oluwafemi Hughes writes, “Storytelling has a beginning inside and outside. One needs to have a narrative that belongs to her cultural traditions, a people with a history and a voice. One needs a person who is the author of her own story, a map of a place she belongs to, someone who has a self that is free from another’s definition of what and who she is. How does one make sense of a self or the world when stories of different races and cultures made them strangers?”

To listen, respond, explore and deepen understanding and knowledge of diversity issues and the impacts on children into adulthood. To support awareness of social justice

For supporting lasting and hopeful environments in which our children and future generations can thrive.

About our storytellers

Each day begins with a shared lunch at 1pm and a facilitated storytelling from 2 to 5pm

created JL 31 August 2019