Life Community

A life community is for all 554611_367083760018461_1200119357_a
who are committed first to –

Caring for each other – they love for today
Improving and practicing their own skills – they study for interest
and Celebrating meals together as community – they live for ever

Members of a life community would also
reach out in service to their communities – love
grow in self-understanding and by speaking the truth – study
practice love in appropriate ways – live
These are three separate activities.
“Accurate self-representation” = understanding oneself accurately and consistently behaving in ways that allow others to see and understand who we are (Jeannine Guindon)
What if we could do that ? We think we can. The term we’re using for this natural rhythm of life that incorporates reaching out, serving, and growing is a life community.

As we meet together we are committed to care, study and celebrate.

// LOVE //
We serve by seeking to care for those who live in our community and our world. Together we seek direction for how best to care for those around us in real and practical ways.
// STUDY //
It is our responsibility and privilege to care for one another as brothers and sisters. We serve and nurture one another’s physical and spiritual needs as we grow together as people of faith.
// LIVE //
We come together in community to explore our relationships. Once a month, our Life Community will come together for a celebration.  And, as always, there will be lots of food!

love for today – study for interest – live for ever

© Ealing Abbey, copyright 8 October 2015