Three programmes of study for monastics in 2015

Monastic life

Monastic life

for monastics following the Rule of St Benedict
Programmes of Study
September and October 2015
& to be repeated in September and October 2016



“PATRISTICS WEEK : Reading “The Conferences and Institutes of John Cassian”
5-8 October 2015: Fr Ephrem Carr OSB
Monday to Thursday 10.30-12.30 and 2.00-4.00
(On these four days Fr Ephrem guides members of different monastic communities in reading together the Conferences and Institutes of John Cassian. Fr Ephrem will comment on the text and invite reflections from participants)
This course is open only to members of monastic communities

In addition, by correspondence or email:

“LITURGICAL STUDIES: UoL International Programme: [DT3006]  Liturgical Studies  (level 6)]
A third year undergraduate level course
The Benedictine Study and Arts Centre (BSAC), is able to offer tuition support,
(via correspondence or e-mail) for this Course Unit in Liturgical Studies:

contact: admin AT college4life DOT org       or         jl AT jamesleachman DOT com

FB: Benedictine-Institute

Stone Priory, near to Colwich Abbey, offers Philosophy tuition:
Please contact Sr Valery Walker OP valeryewalker AT DOT uk
Philosophy Week, last week of August each year: Catholic Philosophy. 28-31 August 2015.

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