Spirituality, Ritual & Monastic Studies

Christian-SpiritualityProf Thomas Quartier from Radbout University, Nijmegen (also a Benedictine oblate of Abdij Slangenberg, Netherlands) gave a lecture on Ritual Studies and Monastic Spirituality in Ealing Abbey in July 2013. He and Fr James Leachman OSB  thought that it might  be possible for a monastery in England or Wales, with external support, to offer one or a number of short courses or modules on spirituality, ritual and monastic studies for monastics, oblates and friends.

They hoped it would be possible to arrange a small consultation, some time in 2014, in order to move this idea forward. They proposed gathering together interested parties, monastics and others, from England and Wales and the Netherlands plus a representative of a validating institution. However, such a consultation has proved impossible to organise.

If you are interested in short courses or modules on spirituality and monastic studies, please contact:

                 Thomas Quartier:  t.quartier AT ftr.ru DOT nl

                  or James Leachman:  jleachman2 AT aol DOT com

If  there is a market for such spiritual and monastic-themed courses among secular and religiously oriented people, it would be first necessary to asses the market and gather support. Then financial sponsorship and university accreditation would need to be sought in order to make this proposal viable.

We do not wish to include any practicum or training in Spiritual Accompaniment (Geistliche Begleitung)

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