Theology Colloquium

Saturday 2 March 2019:

Understanding Child sexual abuse in communities of faith

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Theology colloquium: A group of people from different faith traditions and agencies are working together to create this theology colloquium.

We are working in collaboration with Prof Jim McManus under the umbrella of the Centre for Leadership, a collaboration established by Ealing Abbey and KU Leuven.

[Closed School event]

We intend to:-

  • work with theological and practical perspectives from different faith traditions; beginning with Jewish, Muslim and Christian.
  • welcome the objective, practical role that makes change happen as well as the reflective and theological role that doesn’t have much effect in the world. Theology seems to be without much “agency” to change the world.
  • consider the power dynamics around gender and spiritual rank in religious communities and how a lack of awareness of power feeds into the marginalisation of religion in Europe.

Prof McManus is a member of the Healthcare Executive Group of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales

JL 10 November 2018