Herbs for Winter Well Being

Herbs for Winter Well Beingtea 101 masterclass

Herbal enthusiast, Daniel Vowles, has an information packed talk that will tell you how to use herbs to maintain your health and increase your body’s defences over the winter months.  How to use herbs to their full potential in order to keep you healthy and well. We shall look at how you can make simple herbal remedies at home, with an opportunity to taste some delicious herbal infusionsUnknown-3

It is a particularly good time to consider how herbs can play an important role in healthcare given the recent headlines about antibiotics. Antibiotics have saved millions of lives but the assumption that they are a safe cure-all has led to their overuse – not just in humans but also animals. The result is a situation where more and more antibiotics are becoming resistant.Unknown-5

The largest increase in antibiotic use is in the winter as they are commonly prescribed for upper respiratory tract infections, despite the fact that most coughs and flus are caused by viruses. But there are some simple and time-tested natural solutions at hand – come and discover more!

Course Date: TBA
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Course Fee: £10:00 (includes tea at 4:00pm)


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