Reading the Bible

Reading the Bible
TUESDAYS:  7.00-9.00pm  20 January to 17 March 2015 (not 17 Feb.)

Tutors: Elizabeth Etondi Elive MA, STL

Course Fee:  £88 (8 weeks)


Week 1.     Introduction to the Bible:
What is the Bible,  who wrote it, when and how? Why read the Bible? Assumptions when reading the Bible.

Week 2.    The Word of the Lord:
The Bible as Word of God; Revelation; Inspiration;  Authority; Canon; Inerrancy.

Week 3.    The Human Word:
The role of the author; The three worlds of the text;  Hermeneutics (the science
of interpretation); Exegesis (explanation or critical interpretation of a Biblical text).

Week 4.    The Bible under the Microscope:  
An introduction to Biblical criticism: Textual criticism; Biblical manuscripts; Bible

Week 5.    The Gospel under the Microscope:
New Testament criticism; The Gospel as literature; The three stages of Gospel
formation; The Mediterranean context of the Gospel.

Week 6.    Using the Bible in Pastoral Practice:
The Bible and first century Mediterranean culture; The Gospels and contemporary
cultures; the Bible and Women; The Bible and homosexuality; The Bible and

Week 7.    Context, Culture and Interpretation:
The Bible and violence; The Bible and colonisation.

Week 8.    Mark’s Gospel:
Group discussions and presentations on Marcan parables.\ 

TUESDAYS:  7.00 – 9.00pm   from  JANUARY 20

Course Fee:  £88 (for 8 weeks)

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