Benedictine Institute also offers some accommodation

Benedictine Institute also offers some accommodation

Where can I stay if attending the Benedictine Institute?

According to your budget and preferences you may request accommodation in the Ealing Abbey House for Guests.


We have a limited number of rooms for those attending courses or events at the Benedictine Institute. If you wish to enquire about staying in our House for Guests in conjunction with your course, please contact our Office Manager, Clare Cogswell at the Benedictine Institute: info AT benedictine-institute DOT org

Just wanting to enquire about accommodation, please contact Ealing Abbey directly: ealingmonk AT ealingabbey DOT  or telephone: 020 8862 2100

Our address is:

Benedictine Institute (located at Ealing Abbey, London)
74 Castlebar Road
Ealing, London W5 2DD
web-site here

The House for Guests’ address is:
House for Guests (located at Ealing Abbey, London)
2 Montpelier Avenue
Ealing, London W5 2XP
map here

Local Accommodation

You may arrange to stay in a local home, rented apartment or nearby hostel or with friends. You may use this web-page of airbnb to find a local bed and breakfast. First you must register with them, then you can search for a single or shared room in the locality (here is a sample search). The earlier you book, the cheaper the prices.

Ealing Abbey
Charlbury Grove
Ealing, London W5 2DY
web-site here

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