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Ealing Abbey Ikon Workshop and courses

Ikon painting workshops are being held in February, May & October 2022.

Please contact Clare Cogswell at the Benedictine Institute: info AT benedictine-institute DOT org or call at 0208 194 2320 week day mornings

February 2022 Irina Bradley

May 2022 Irina Bradley

October 2022 Dimitri Andrejev, Prosopon School of Iconology

Ealing Abbey Ikon Workshop

At the St Bede Library we have an ikon of the patron, St Bede, that was painted by Sr Anne Thérèse of the Mater Ecclesiae Convent near Rugby, where Fr Daniel McCarthy OSB has been a liturgical consultant

There is a profound tradition of the theology of ikons dating back to the fifth century in Egypt. Later developed by St John Damascene and incorporated into the teaching of the Second Council of Nicea.

In recent decades there has been a rebirth of the ancient tradition of ikon painting in the West, largely due to the influence of immigrant Eastern Christians following the break up of the Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Revolution and more recently the flight of Christians from the Near East due to Islamic fundamentalists.

Ealing Abbey Ikon Workshop

Ikon painting in Britain has a long history. Fr Peter specialises in ikons of the Archangel St Michael.

There are wonderful ikons painted by Eleftherios Foulidis nearby at St Panteleimon Church, Harrow.

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