At the Institutum Liturgicum London we promote liturgicalIL Logo - IMG_1022 detail of boy reading flip horiz research and graduate level education in liturgy in England and Wales and offer courses in English that are accredited by KU Leuven during July and August each summer.Sacred actions (ritus) and sacred texts (preces) form the matrix of worship. These two elements are the primary focus  of liturgical research and instruction for the Masters Level Diploma of Liturgical Studies, the Licence in Sacred Liturgy (Pontifical Institute of Liturgy, Rome) and the Masters and Higher Masters in Theology, specialising in Liturgical Studies (KU Leuven).

On completing the Masters level Diploma award the student practitioner will be able to work competently in a variety of professional settings such as member or coordinator of a liturgy committee of a diocese, episcopal conference or religious congregation; they would also be equipped to proceed to a Masters or License Degree or to continue research in the area of liturgy, worship, theology and religious studies.

The Abbots of Ealing and Farnborough established the Institutum Liturgicum with Fr Daniel McCarthy O.S.B. (Atchison, KS) and Fr James Leachman O.S.B. in 2010. Since then new faculty members, Joris Geldhof, Fr Ephrem Carr O.S.B. and Fr Enda Murphy, have joined and we look forward to inviting other international and well-qualified members to a faculty body that is committed to research, publishing and teaching. We are happy to offer mentoring for doctoral students in relevant disciplines when serving as associate professors. Our intention is to be international and ecumenical faculty, serving an international student body, thus serving the whole Church.

We are very grateful to the Catholic Bishops Conferences of England and Wales and of Belgium for their endorsements of the Institutum Liturgicum.

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