Latin Advanced Level

Latin Summer School

10 days intensive learning

Online     22nd July – 2nd August 2024

In Person  12th – 23rd August 2024

Students will encounter Latin literature written by many authors from every age. You will learn:

  • The accusative with the infinitive used in indirect discourse and object sentences
  • The gerund and gerundive and the participle of passive necessity
  • Conditional sentences: if … , then …
  • The 3% use of the sequence of tenses and modal attraction
  • Verbs of doubting, fearing and prohibiting
  • Oblique complements of verbs and their passive construction
  • Specific usages of the dative, genitive, ablative
  • Overviews of:
    • 14 ways to express purpose
    • 10 usages of the relative pronoun
    • Positive and negative commands

Students registering will need to have knowledge of both Beginners and Intermediate contents.

We use the teaching method of Reginald Foster.

Online Dates: 22 July – 2 August, weekdays.

In Person Dates: 12 – 23 August, weekdays.

Hours of instruction: Our daily sessions last 3 hours with a break. Hours of online instruction will be determined by 1 July to accommodate the location of on-line participants.

Fee: £380

A fuller description of the course is available here.
Contact Clare, the Registrar at this linked email address

Text Book: Ossa Latinitatis Sola Ad Mentem Reginaldi Rationemque

Required book: Simpson, D.P. – ‘Cassell’s Latin Dictionary’ – (Macmillan, New York 1959) or equivalent, including a small English to Latin section.

Our tutors teach online or in person, privately or in a group (minimum numbers required)

Contact us by email:

OR contact us
by post:  74, Castlebar Road, Ealing, London W5 2DD
by telephone:  +44 (0) 20 8194 2320

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Students wishing more instruction are encouraged to enrol also in Reading Plautus.  A discount is offered when enrolling with us in both courses.