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Send your general or specific enquiry to our Office Manager, Clare Cogswell: clare AT benedictine-institute DOT org

Entrance to Benedictine Institute

Entrance to Benedictine Institute

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Benedictine Institute,
74 Castlebar Road, London W5 2DD

Telephone (answerphone) +44 (0) 20 8194 2320

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Trust Bursar: Fr Alexander Bevan OSB

Accounts Manager: Ms Geraldine Nelson

Clear and accurate communication is needed for good relationships. We are working hard to make communicating with us easier and more rapid for all.

Members of the monastic community are working hard to develop many possibilities to share our Benedictine life with the public. Better community living makes a better world

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Arts Crafts Music: Pottery, beekeeping, ikons.
The Benedictine musical patrimony is promoted by Ealing Abbey Music

St Bede Library serves the staff and students.

Theology and Religious Studies, Languages, Humanities, Monastic/Spirituality

Liturgical Studies are promoted by Institutum Liturgicum London

The monks endeavour to live by the eternal values of trust, hope, industry, competence, faithfulness, and love. We hope you will contact us.

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