Centres & Staff in the Benedictine-Institute

Benedictine Institute: Centres & Staff

Entrance to Benedictine Institute

Benedictine Institute

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Trust BursarFr Alexander Bevan O.S.B.

Advisory Committee:
Lala Birchak
James Leachman O.S.B.
Lea Misan
Martin Shipperleee O.S.B.
Fr Paul Teece

Finance manager for all Centres: Ms Geraldine Nelson

5 Centres working in the Benedictine-Institute

St Bede Library: Sr Rebecca Abel O.S.B., Melody Mazuk, Ann O’Brien, Anthony Philips, Clare Cogswell

Arts Crafts & Music:       Fr Peter Burns O.S.B.

Institutum Liturgicum London: Clare Cogswell, Fr James Leachman O.S.B., Fr Daniel McCarthy O.S.B., Fr Ephrem Carr O.S.B., Fr Enda Murphy, Fr Geert Leenknegt, Fr Gregory Carey O.S.B., Dr Bridget Nichols, prof Stefan Geiger O.S.B.

Centre for Leadership Research and Studies

London Spring

Staff who are regularly present

Rev Dr James Leachman, OSB (1992)
Principal, Benedictine Study & Arts Centre 1992-2015
Director, Institutum Liturgicum
Principal, Benedictine Institute  2015 –

Rev Peter Burns, OSB, BA, STB (1992)
Associate Principal, Benedictine Institute
Head of Arts & Crafts
Associate Principal, Benedictine Institute

Clare Cogswell, BSc (2012-)Clare-217x300
‎Office Manager, Benedictine Institute
Coordinator and Registrar, Institutum Liturgicum London

Anne O’Brien (2013)
Library Assistant, St Bede Library

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