Becoming human

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learning to be members of the human race

112 years ago in 1902 the monks of Ealing opened St Benedict’s School. The monks wanted to benefit the Catholic community of West London. After the Second World War many fresh vocations joined the monastery. These new arrivals gave fresh stimulus and growth to the community. Downside Abbey granted independence to Ealing Priory in 1948 and Pope Pius XII granted abbatial status as Ealing Abbey in 1955.

Initiatives for humanity

Following the Second Vatican Council (1963-65) some of the monks, including Fr Vincent Cooper, established Ealing Abbey Counselling Service (EACS) in 1994. From seven founder counsellor members EACS has grown into one of the largest voluntary sector counselling and psychotherapy providers in the South East. EACS offers confidential, professional help and a range of skills. It meets the needs of our clients, without discrimination. It is a non denominational service – counsellors and clients come from a range of backgrounds, cultures and belief systems.

In 2012 the conventual chapter of Ealing Abbey granted independence and its own organisational and administrative systems to St Benedict’s School. This has allowed the monks to focus on their life together in regular meetings and discussions more than a whole year. The monks have now decided to continue these discussions for a further year with the intention that they be able to generate new life in a project that will be for the public good.

Latest initiative for humanity

This new life and an expression of their life together will give glory to God and serve the human family in concrete ways. Today the monks of Ealing intend to offer a service to the church and world that is an expression of their monastic life together.

Centre for Integral Humanism

Integral Human Formation


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