Generative Communities Experiences

generative communities

generative communities

The series of Appreciating the Liturgy colloquia held from 2016, in Atchison Kansas on Generative Communities has borne fruit in this project to enhance life in communities, religious and secular.

Individuals, groups and communities are invited to participate in Generative Communities Experiences at several levels of involvement.

First Experience:        Differentiated self representation

Second Experience:   Participating in a shared project

Third Experience:      Coming to vocational identity

Fourth Experience:    Vocation over a lifetime

Fifth Experience:       Person centred leadership

Participating communities & organisations: Ealing Abbey, London UK, St Benedict’s Abbey, Atchison KS, Naos-Institute, London UK.

These experiences, which may last a single day or for longer periods, consist of a number of encounters comprising sacred scripture, presentation, shared response, poetry and group activity.

Generative Communities Experiences

The first Generative communities day was offered by James Leachman OSB and Daniel McCarthy OSB at Turvey Abbey, 16 May 2014 for the Benedictine sisters of Turvey Abbey.

This experience was refined and repeated on 20 May 2014 for the Benedictine and Cistercian monks participating in the monastic renewal programme of Sant’Anselmo, the Benedictine College in Rome.

Fr James Leachman (Ealing Abbey) and Fr Daniel McCarthy (Atchison) once again facilitated the first experience in four encounters, this time at the request of the Union of Monastic Superiors, Great Britain. The day was hosted by Fr George Guiver CR and the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield on Thursday 25 September 2014. 12 monastic participants from Hyning, Mirfield and Stanbrook participated.

From this basis in theory and experience we are working to prepare further experiences.

Generative Communities Experiences

If you would like more information on presenting a day or days for your community (religious or secular) please contact: jl AT jamesleachman DOT com

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