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Gary reiss

Gary Reiss “Healing History”

We are offering 2 workshops in June (module 2) and October (module 3) 2019
Gary Reiss PhD

History repeats itself because we tend to collectively ignore history.  Traumatic collective events like war happen and we try to forget them.  That may be a good first step but we must go further and work with and face what is present and what has happened. Peace treaties seem to resolve issues temporarily only to watch them recycle and erupt again and again.

This training can be taken either as a stand alone course, or as one of four modules of a Healing History and Trauma Certificate.
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cost for 3 days £300

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Healing History emphasizes the need to process our emotional experiences and the internalized oppression and trauma we experience when directly exposed to war and other collective trauma. Not only do those of us directly exposed experience this internal unprocessed trauma but so do the next generations that we directly and indirectly pass this onto.

Healing History’s levels of engagement

Personal psychology focuses mostly on the individual in isolation.  Family therapy and internal family systems therapy is a step in moving beyond the individual, and Healing History goes beyond the family to focus on how we carry the multi-generational historical issues of our family and our people.

This deep inner work is combined with processing the left-over issues that remain in the larger field through group process. Peace treaties can cover up the conflicts, but the tensions are carried in the background forcing their way forward so we must address them. By doing group work we can make more sustainable solutions that are based on not simply consensus reality levels of peace but true Resolution that includes the dream and essence level. We have applied these methods at seminars where people from many countries can work on the unprocessed historical pain that they have inflicted on each other and it is always a powerful experience.

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Healing History Certificate Program

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