Russian Byzantine Icon Painting Course

Monday 8 – Saturday 13 April 2019 (no painting Sunday)

Course venue:  Maurice Fowler Hall, 1A Montpelier Avenue, Ealing, London W5 2XP

Please register by email for next year: info AT benedictine-institute DOT org

Taught by Deacon Nikita Andrejev

Cost £330 includes all materials

This 6 day course is open to both beginners & continuing students and provides a unique opportunity to experience the practice and theory of the ancient Christian art of Byzantine Icon Painting.


The icon sketch for this class will be inspired by these images.

The prayerful practice of icon painting inspired by the beauty of the images, mineral & earth colours & gilding. The course goes beyond the craft of the liquid egg tempera painting technique through learning to understand the symbolism and theology associated with each aspect of the painting process. There will be an option for continuing students to choose a 3/4 sketch of Archangel Michael standing in armour, giving different painting challenges.

Deacon Nikita Andrejev is an Iconographer-instructor who has learned his craft through a lifetime immersion. Following his apprenticeship with his father, Vladislav Andrejev, iconographer and founder of the Prosopon School, Nikita complimented this experience with theological studies in USA & France. As a faculty member of the Prosopon School, he has contributed to the development of their unique teaching methods. Since the school’s founding in the 80s, it has rediscovered lost techniques of the ancient art of liquid egg tempera & contributed to the renewed interest in icon painting.

Course Fee – £330

This includes all materials including gold leaf and the icon board.

Registration: to be announced

Course venue:  Maurice Fowler Hall, 1A Montpelier Avenue, Ealing, London W5 2XP

Please contact for enrolment form and details regarding optional accommodation & meal costs (There are a limited number of rooms in the Ealing Abbey Guest House)

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